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ACP - Air Conditioning Products

ACP – Air Conditioning Products SRL is one of the most important manufacturers from Romania of HVAC accessories and parts , offering high quality products to its clients.

With more than 11 years of direct involvement on HVAC products market, we pride with important local costumers from Romania, but also from other EU countries (France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, etc.) and also with non UE based customers (Israel, Morocco, Nigeria, etc.)

We manufacture more than 100 models of HVAC accessories with standard and custom dimensions from the following products categories: VENTILATION GRILLES, DECORATIVE VENTILATION GRILLES, AIR DIFFUSERS, SLOT AIR DIFFUSERS, SWIRL AIR DIFFUSERS, ACCESS PANELS, JETS AND VALVES, GRID SYSTEMS, split on 3 main ranges:

  • LITE – low budget products with standard dimensions
  • ACP LINE – on request custom dimensioned products
  • PREMIUM – for the most demanding customers that put superior quality above all
Production Process

Since from the beginning, ACP implemented procedures so that the production process to be more efficient. The implementation of this procedure requires maximum flexibility and responsiveness to fluctuations in demand and eliminating waste in the organization. Managing the flow of production and supply is made in this regard starting from the actual market demand. Production is planned, scheduled and managed so that you can experience the highest standards of products ordered. We want to find in ACP a reliable partner witch you can count in any situation. We are close to you!


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