Fire resistant closing devices (fire dampers) are mounted on ventilation channels that pierce fire-retardant or fire-resistant construction elements. They are mounted in a normally open position and are provided with automated and manual trigger for fire emergencies. Fire dampers can be rectangular and circular, triggered through actuator or just fuse.

The dampers are built between 160×160 and 1000×1500 for the manual version or between 180×180 and 1600×1600 for the actuator version. Sizes larger than 1600×1600 are composed of batteries.

Circular versions are built between D100 and D400.

All fire-proof products are EC certified and are provided with Belimo servomotors.


Fire dampers are parts which, mechanically or electrically, are triggered by the excessively high temperature in the air channels so that, in case of fire, they can isolate segments of the entire system and stop the fire from spreading. There are mandatory for all  ventilation applications.