The products that are part of the air dampers / control  category are those that ensure adjustment, both in terms of air quality and quantity in ventilation installations.

Rectangular or circular, they can be triggered manually or motorized (Belimo servomotors) and are provided with rubber sealing gaskets (optional).

They are also used as separating elements for installation sections.

Rectangular dampers are triggered by polypropylene gear with glass fiber, a material of the best quality. The blades are manufactured from aluminum – just like the frame and are provided with sealing gaskets.

Circular control dampers are made from galvanized steel and, depending on the request, are provided with rubber gaskets both on the body (at the joint), and on the valve. The same category includes gravity valves (dampers), which allow the blades to be opened when there is excessive pressure in the installation, thus discharging the installation.


Both the throttle dampers and the gravity ones are found in all ventilation applications (fresh air, conditioning or sealed mechanical ventilation)