The air diffuser range includes all ceiling diffusers on one, two, three or four directions. The range comprises both the rectangular and circular models. The diffusers are mostly used in common applications such as open-space offices, restaurant halls etc., as they are very efficient, able to deliver large air flows and provide efficient diffusion. The most common are the square 4-way diffusers, which can be easily installed both in paneled ceilings and in plane plasterboard ceilings.

Depending on the installation position and even on the specific application requirements, not only 4-, but also 1-, 2- or 3-way, the diffusers can be manufactured, square or rectangular.

Square and circular anemostats have a removable center, allowing both easy fastening and access to the inside of the plenum chamber.


These products are the diffusers with the widest scope. Because they can be used both for exhaust and supply, they are generally installed in large open-space rooms, such as offices, restaurant halls, event halls and conference rooms etc.