Jet nozzle diffusers cover the entire flow segment, from the smallest to the largest. This range includes: linear diffusers with jet nozzles – BD, with two rows of nozzles on a flat surface – BD2, or with two rows of nozzles linearly disposed on a V-shaped surface – BDV. Moreover, there are also linear diffusers with disks on 2 or 3 rows – SP2, SP3. The same category includes jet-type diffusers, JD, required in the case of larger heights, as well as SJD diffusers, which facilitate wide-range air jet introduction. They can also be directed towards the desired area.

Construction-wise, jet nozzle linear diffusers, just like disk diffusers, are a combination of aluminum and plastic, namely, the nozzles or jet disks are installed on the aluminum framing, molded in a special type of plastic, able to maintain its shape and features regardless of the diffused air temperature.


Due to the wide range of handled air flows, the covered applications are also numerous. Starting with the linear diffusers used in residential projects, in low traffic areas, such as bedrooms or even living rooms, and continuing with the jet-type diffusers JD, or with those with concentric SJD-type jets, used in high traffic applications, on very high locations, such as very high food courts in malls, or event halls.