The linear diffuser category includes a wide range of options from the most common to premium designer options. Slot diffusers can have 1 to 8 slots, 19 or 25mm wide. Each slot is equipped with mobile deflectors which allow the jet to be directed as desired.

This category also includes premium linear diffusers, with frames built in the plaster. The premium range includes the Lenox, LenoxV, FLB and Arona diffusers. Due to the slot range options (varying between 25 and 76), Lenox and LenoxV diffusers cover a wide range of flows.

All linear diffusers can be used both for air supply and exhaust air.ui.


For linear diffusers, applications are very diverse. Starting with wide glazing office or commercial premises, up to residential buildings. Because they can be continuously mounted on extensive lengths, they are also often found in common/circulation areas in shopping malls.