Swirl Diffuser products (swirl-type air diffusers) are also recommended for rooms with high ceilings. Due to their round shape, the air jet is pushed firmly so that air is easily circulated in the entire serviced area.

Air diffuser models in this range are designed for high ceilings, VS – with fixed blades, VSR – with mobile blades and for regular ceilings – SWRR, STD, STD1 – for paneled ceilings of SWRC – for false, plasterboard ceilings. Regardless of the model you opt for, swirl diffusers can be used in ventilation systems for both suction and discharge.

SWR diffusers (with rectangular or circular applications), can transfer air both through the fixed and the mobile blades – thus allowing the air jet to be accurately directed to the desired area.


Swirl-type diffusers have a wide range of applications: from industrial constructions or shopping centers, with high ceilings and wide, open spaces, to office or medical purpose buildings.
Due to their design, this range of air diffusers naturally blends with the modern design of public interest buildings.