The category of return air grilles includes ventilation grilles belonging to models specially built to extract air for its recirculation through the central ventilation systems.
This category includes simple deflection grilles, SD ventilation grilles – which have a simple deflection with fixed blades, as well as the EGG – type perforated grilles, with a 0° or 45° grid, which allows for a large free surface. The grilles in this category can be equipped with various types of frames, which can be adapted to any type of wall/ceiling or installation surface. There are also models which allow the circulation of large air flows.


The return air grilles are the solution for ventilation systems installed in premises that are constantly being used by numerous persons, from relatively small premises, such as hotel rooms or residential apartments, to large premises with heavy traffic (gyms, event halls, schools, restaurants, stores, offices and shopping centers).
With a long lifespan due to the high-quality metallic materials used, these grilles are suitable for use in a wide range of projects, as they are easily adaptable both to the design requirements and the technical performance requirements.