The linear grille range, dedicated to central ventilation systems, is designed for both extraction and discharge, depending on the accessories used. The advantage is the unitary image, regardless of the air circulation direction.The range includes models suitable for installation on lengthy walls/ceilings, with the required segment joining parts.
Depending on the specific applications, the models are designed with different types of blades. LBD-type grilles are available in 2 versions, i.e. able to push/extract air uniformly – upwards and downwards or to the right/left, depending on the installation location – the 0° model, and able to blow/aspirate air mainly on one side, to the detriment of the other – same as above, with the blades at a 15° angle. DSS grilles are also available, with single or bidirectional deflection.


Linear grilles are most common in large premise projects, long rooms, where the uniform image is important, such as corridors, halls, open-space large offices. Due to the long lifespan guaranteed by the high quality  metallic materials used, such grille models may be used in a wide range of projects, being easily adaptable both to design requirements and technical performance requirements.