Supply air grilles are the category of ventilation grills which include models specially manufactured for installation in central air conditioning systems, in order to supply rooms of different sizes with hot or cold air, depending on the flows given by the ventilation equipment.
This category includes double deflection grilles, combined grilles (simple-double deflection), as well as the EILAT model (this model is different through its adjusting handle for the horizontal blades). Thanks to the individually adjustable bidirectional blades, these types of grilles allow the controlled diffusion of the air jet so as to ensure an optimum air deflection. An important feature of the grilles consists in handling large air flows for an equipment with proportionally calculated sizes.


Due to the large free surfaces and, thus, the high variation of the air flow range, discharge grilles are used in different spaces, from premises with a constantly high number of people, such as offices, shopping centers, stores, restaurants, bars, gyms, schools and kindergartens, but also for small premises, such as hotel rooms.
Due to the high-quality finishes and the fact that the discharge grilles manufactured by ACP are executed on a metallic structure, they can be installed easily, with minimum exploitation impact on the technical or design features.o.