Transfer grilles are part of the category of ventilation grilles containing special models to be installed in doors, walls or ceilings, for air transfer between rooms.
This category includes the double-sided grilles, with blades in the shape of a reversed V, which, when installed in wood or PVC doors, have the ability to transfer air between rooms.
Both the thicker oness (up to 50 mm), for wood doors, and the thinner ones (up to 24 mm)can be installed in wall plates, with fixing screws, in countersunk holes.
Considering the purpose for which they are used and the requested model, transfer grilles have no other accessories. They are delivered as a complete necessary solution, that is the grille (double/two-sided) and the counterframe plate.
Depending on the need, they can be finished/painted in any color included in the RAL palette, but they can also be manufactured from aluminum profile with anodized finishing.


Due to its specific shape, this type of grille can be installed in doors, hotels, office buildings or industrial halls, or in room-separating walls with a thickness of up to 50 mm. They can also be used for air transfer between the false ceiling and the ceiling platform.