Partner's and client's oppinion
Elma Trading partener ACP

We have been working with ACP for a long time. During all this time, we have always received professional support and understanding, which has resulted in a stronger relationship than just the one between a supplier and a customer. ACP is our main supplier of accessories and is part of all our projects. ACP equates Quality and Promptness.

Petre Corneanu


Aerolux partener ACP

ACP has been our main supplier of grids since 2007. In time, our relationship has developed and our requests have been handled promptly and professionally.

ACP has been our partner for every project since the beginning of Mega Image.

Edi Lupașcu


Movi Construct partener ACP

The team we are working with has always managed to find a positive solution for us, has always acted promptly and has tried to meet all our demands in a very short period of time. Thank you!

Some of the most important projects are: “SEMA PARC – CORP B” + HOTEL EDMA ALEXANDRIA + OMV PETROM BRAZI + COFICAB PLOIESTI, etc.

Radu Pîrvu


Climatherm client ACP

Our company is very happy with our relationship with ACP. The support team has always been by our side in all our requests, but especially in the last major projects: Bacau Airport, Brasov Maternity – projects also completed with the help of ACP.

Clima Therm Center TEAM


Con-A client ACP

ACP SRL has been by our side and has supported us since 2015. We have worked very well on our projects for all this time and the company has provided us with the appropriate technical solutions.

Some of the projects we have worked together on are:
–  Michelin Factory – Floresti place of business, 1 Uzinei St., Prahova County 
–  Prysmin Factory, Slatina, Village Road No 89 Milcov

The strength of ACP is the outstanding technical support, any issue or request being settled in record time. Reliability and promptness are the main arguments to maintain this relationship for as long as possible

Iulia Toncean

Project Manager

Climatherm client ACP

We have sometimes worked indirectly with ACP, but, whenever we have asked them for their direct support, they have always promptly met our demands. We have a good relationship with the support team and strongly recommend them for any project, irrespective of its size.

Ovidiu Bucătaru

MEO Group Leader